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Want to easily find every file, email, image, task or chat thread that lives in your cloud?

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You’re on the verge of being able to search your entire cloud, all from one place. Getting started with Trevi is simple: just sign up for a free Trevi account, connect the cloud apps and accounts you want to search and start searching!

Airtight Security

We get it – your content is valuable, private and confidential. That’s why security is our top priority. Any data we store is housed securely within an AWS Virtual Private Cloud, encrypted with state-of-the-art AWS security protocols and protected by our security-by-design approach.

Smarter, More Robust Results was designed with your productivity in mind, enabling you to work smarter, not harder. Your searches yield robust results, showing personalized details that help you quickly find and access the stuff, people and information you’re looking for. And in the ongoing tug-of-war between new and old, features like TimeShift allow you to easily shift backward in time to find earlier versions.

Mastering Your Cloud

With, simply connect and sync your various cloud accounts and it won’t matter whether you created a document in Word, emailed it to someone through Gmail or attached it to a Slack thread – you can pinpoint them all in seconds! Plus, is constantly adding new cloud sources, so as our search landscape grows, so does yours!

Trevi is changing the way people work and live by making it easy to find
whatever they’re looking for in their clouds.

As a communications lead, I work with a team that’s scattered all over the world. We rely on the cloud to collaborate on... rocks! Ever since I started using it as part of my workflow in software development, I spend much less time figuring out...

Before came along, it could take me 5 or 10 minutes to locate the exact image files I needed. Now, it takes...

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